Thursday, 5 February 2009

Animation testers

For the Past few weeks I've been working on an independent project project and basically just playing around with some bits of animation. It wasn't necessary to produce anything finished so I've just got loads of ideas and stuff flying around. This is a set i built and lit with fairy lights.
This was made by taking photos of the toy dinosaur (courtesy of the pound shop!) in different positions and photoshopping him into my set. He's meant to look kind of mechanical and scary. I was also experimenting with shadows, not sure how effective that was though...
This last one was really successful methinks! Its photos of me walking down a street which I made using collage and then scanned in. this needs some cool music to go with my juno, style strut.... yeah...!

So basically this whole project has just been me filling my sketchbook with ideas like this just to give me some idea of what the hell to do in my final major project...!

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