Wednesday, 24 February 2010

'Popjoy' on location

These are some exclusive behind the scenes photos shot on the set of our short film 'Popjoy'. Its inspired by surrealist avant garde films and sure to be a bit creepy, the narrative in the film focuses on a woman named Juliana Popjoy who, after the death of her lover, went mad and lived in a tree.

And here is a sample of the storyboards i drew out.


This is the work i made during the 4 weeks we spent doing typography. I started by playing around creating letterforms on a grid, this is the initial typeface i chose to develop, its almost illegible and more a set of graphical shapes, but would make a pretty good secret code for anyone who can read it!

Later on in the project i got into the print room and made these screen prints using kraftwerk lyrics. It says "I program my home computer, beam myself into the future", but thats kind of beside the point 'cos you can't read it anyway!

With these prints i experimented with using a gloss instead of ink for the background of the letters and printing black ink onto black paper, some of them came out pretty well but its hard to see in these photos.