Sunday, 8 February 2009

Paris, Je t'aime!

There probably won't be another post for a week now as we're off to Paris for a little slice of culture. can't wait. If anyone knows about any awesome stuff going on it the city over the week let me know! but hopefully there will be some nice pics for when i come back!

Thursday, 5 February 2009


These lovely ladies were made in response to a character brief. they're called (L-R) Valerie, Doris and Betty. I sewed them, stuffed them and then hand painted them with gouache paint. They like to get drunk of sherry, hence why they don't stand up very well.


We had to make up a definition for something that doesn't have a definition, hard to explain. But basically this idea was inspired by the amazing Michael Macintyre.

Egremont. noun. Trying to guess where the train doors will stop on the platform.

Doctor foster went to Gloucester.

I think this is my Favourite animation thingy so far. Just another bit of fun on a rainy afternoon. I think I'm probably too impatient to do animation properly. but one day there will be something of worth on here.

Look what i found.

Aha! This is basically my flipbook made digital! its the result of the photo in my first post. very cute. I am told to accredit my audience with a brain but for those of you who just don't "get it" (usually my brother chris when it comes to my artwork) those are actually my thoughts popping out of my head.

Animation testers

For the Past few weeks I've been working on an independent project project and basically just playing around with some bits of animation. It wasn't necessary to produce anything finished so I've just got loads of ideas and stuff flying around. This is a set i built and lit with fairy lights.
This was made by taking photos of the toy dinosaur (courtesy of the pound shop!) in different positions and photoshopping him into my set. He's meant to look kind of mechanical and scary. I was also experimenting with shadows, not sure how effective that was though...
This last one was really successful methinks! Its photos of me walking down a street which I made using collage and then scanned in. this needs some cool music to go with my juno, style strut.... yeah...!

So basically this whole project has just been me filling my sketchbook with ideas like this just to give me some idea of what the hell to do in my final major project...!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Its blog time woohoo!

I've been meaning to set up my own blog for ages. There's always so much stuff flying around that I want to show you good people, so this will be a super-dooper amalgamation of stuff from my own creative enterprise and some cool stuff that other people have done that evidently I wish I had done first! 
To start you off this lovely little person is actually me, sat on a park bench. It was part of a project at college to make a flipbook that says something about yourself. What does this say about me? I like to sit on park benches i guess...